Beteau Lake

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All the comforts of home in an ideal remote location.

Beteau Lake Camp (Main Lodge)

The Beteau Lake Camp consists of four sleeping cabins, which can accommodate any size group ranging from 1 to 10 people. In addition there is a mini lodge, which we use as a common area. Amenities include: refrigerators, freezers, propane stove, wood stove, electricity, hot and cold running water, shower, WiFi, Satellite TV, phone and indoor fish cleaning station with running water.

The Beteau Lake Area is known for its World Class Trophy Northern Pike (Gators) and the abundance of Gigantic Trophy Walleye. We run an organized spring and fall Black Bear hunt out of this camp as well as a Moose hunts.

Beteau Lake Camp Map

Windsor Lake Outpost Cabin

This outpost cabin has hardly been fished in since 2009. Windsor Lake is 20 miles long and is comprised of three bodies of water connecting through the Attawapiskat River system. The Lake is located within the North Channel of the Attawapiskat River as it continues on to Beteau Lake. Windsor ends up being a very large lake with endless islands, bays and miles and miles of shoreline.

Windsor Lake Camp has a newly renovated 36×24 foot two-bedroom cabin, which comfortably sleeps 8 people. In addition to the main outpost camp, there is a small cabin (also recently renovated) that can sleep 4 people, be used for storage, or can be used by the guide if one was requested and available.

Amenities in the main outpost cabin include: refrigerator, wood stove, propane stove, shower and electricity. There is also a chest freezer available if needed.

Windsor Lake is known for its World Class Walleye fishing and the abundance of Trophy Northern Pike. We run a fall Moose hunt out of Windsor Lake as well. We do not frequently run an organized bear hunt on Windsor Lake, but the camp is within our Bear Management Area so hunting is available to Moose Hunters.

Please Enquire if you’re interested.

Windsor Lake Outpost Cabin
Windsor Lake Outpost Cabin

Richter Lake Outpost Camp:

Opening Soon for fall 2020 Hunting/Fishing

We recently added this outpost camp. It has not been consistently fished since 1992 so you can expect exceptional fishing. There is a newly renovated 24×16 foot cabin that sleeps 8 people comfortably with plenty of room for gear.

Amenities include: refrigerator, wood stove, propane stove, and electricity.

Richter Lake Camp
Inside Richter camp

Blackbirch Lake Camp:

Blackbirch Lake is about 50 miles farther north than Beteau Lake, which makes it one of the most northern and remote outpost camps available in Ontario. There is no one in this area other than our clients, it is truly untouched wilderness. This location is for the serious group wanting virgin territory. The camp has been recently upgraded the same as our other camps. There is a new water system providing hot and cold running water and a shower. This camp is 36×24 feet with two bedrooms that can sleep 8, a shower room, and kitchen/common area.

Amenities include: refrigerator, wood stove, propane stove, shower and electricity. There is also a chest freezer available if needed.

Blackbirch Lake
Blackbirch Camp